Win the Prize Slot Overview using InfiniReels

When comparing the success and quantity of releases of Infinity Reels versus InfiniReels, there is an obvious victor. Through thick and thin, ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels idea has continued to power fresh slot releases. However, NetEnt’s InfiniReels appears to have been relegated to the feature dustbin. Weirdly, both Gods of Gold (NetEnt) and Dragon’s Fire (Red Tiger) — the two games released using it so far — are good slots. Perhaps the two studios have been holding back, planning something truly spectacular to completely revolutionize the InfiniReels format.

Get the Gold is here to disprove your theory that the time between InfiniReels slots is due to their innovative design and meticulous attention to detail. Win the Prize You can’t even make fun of the development team behind InfiniReels; the game is that terrible. Regardless of whether you think a Red Tiger slot is any good, you can’t deny that they look great. Their games often feature a glossy, aesthetically pleasing design. Yet another theory ruined by Get the Gold. Have you ever played a cheap minigame in an ancient point-and-click game or a text-based game where you put in instructions? Win the Prize Feelings like that permeate InfiniReels. This outfit reminds me of the one Doc Brown made Marty McFly wear in 1955 when they traveled to the Old West.

When it comes to the actual gameplay, problems persist. Expanding the grid is the whole point of InfiniReels, right? Increasing the number of reels in response to a victory, hence allowing for the creation of absurdly lengthy winning combos. A far cry from Get the Gold. Getting three of a kind is the only winning hand combination. The next turn is up. The inclusion of reels is delayed until the Gold Rush phase is initiated. A 3×3 game grid in a body of water with a sliver of gold in the corner of the screen is now the extent of the mining-themed activity.

Mobile, laptop, and tablet users alike can spin the reels for as little as 10 pence or as much as £/€10 per wager. Although the maximum prize of 10,000 times your wager is great, the limited resources make the game feel difficult to play. Keep an eye out for this if you decide to have a blast on Get the Gold, as the default RTP is 95.72% but the return on Dragon’s Fire was unpredictable.

Take a peek at the paytable below to see how much you may earn. Fish, a water jug item, caps, boots, pans of gold, a shovel, and a treasure map are the six standard icons. If you get three of these icons in a row, left to right, you’ll win between 0.1 and 0.7 times your bet. In Gold Rush mode, the value of pay ways that are more than three reels long is multiplied by the number of reels that were used to form the winning combination.

The InfiniReels Gold Slot Machine’s Extra Features

Gold Rush mode is activated by landing at least one Gold Cart scatter symbol on each of the game’s three reels. During Gold Rush, players can gather Gold Carts to earn a prize at the phase’s conclusion. Whenever a scatter symbol fails to appear for four consecutive spins in Gold Rush, the maximum win is obtained, or a new reel is added to the right side of the game panel. Gold Cart scattering might be one of three varieties:

Gold Carts regularly carry prizes with multipliers ranging from 2 to 50.

The current total is doubled because to the double scatters.

Multiply your current total by three with a triple scatter.

Remember that Gold Rush spins are no more expensive than ordinary spins, and that once they conclude, the grid size reverts to its normal 3×3.

The InfiniReels Slots Review: A Gold Award Winner

Get the Gold InfiniReels is one of the worst of the several InfiniReels or Infinity Reels slots that are now commonplace in casinos. It’s hard to know where to start, so let’s go back to the basics. It’s safe to assume that punters who seek out this genre of slot machine are hoping to witness some rather explosive reel growth. That’s because bonus reels can increase the length of winning combos and the multiplier they can generate. This feature was formerly included in the original game but was removed by Red Tiger for unknown reasons. That’s like ordering a cheeseburger and telling the restaurant to hold the cheese; it defeats the purpose. The core game is a boring 3×3 slot without the InfiniReels feature.

If you manage to land the required amount of gold cart scatters, things do look up. Now that the extra reels function has been activated, players have a chance to win some real money (symbols). In Gold Rush mode, a considerable number of carts would frequently stack up, and the doubler sign would occasionally appear. However, returning to the beginning of the game after four losses in a row was really discouraging. Get the Gold has an unbelievable 10,000x win potential, which is huge for a Red Tiger game. No one disputes the scientists’ findings, but anyone hoping to win anywhere near 10,000 times their wager would need a monumental stroke of luck.

Red Tiger is well-known for producing visually impressive slots, even if the rest of the game falls short. Even Get the Gold isn’t allowed to say that. The history of InfiniReels/Infinity Reels slots is not without its hiccups. Money Mariachi Infinity Reels, also released about the same time, is an excellent illustration of how these factors may work together to create something of value. However, the bell curve is significantly weakened by Get the Gold.

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